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Dear Clients and Visitors, I am here to support and help you during this unprecedented time. Singles, couples, and families already facing prior everyday life stresses and uncertainties are now struggling with unanticipated pressures and restrictions — and meanwhile trying to keep it all balanced…

Help is still here!

Good news is I have set up a secure process for Teletherapy counseling and can support you from your home. Reports from current and new clients is that it works! Please reach out as walking this path alone is not necessary. Making the most out of each day is what a good life’s about – Walk it. Talk it. Live it! I am here to support you and those you those relationships most important to you. / 703-328-4937


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C O N F U S I O N   and   E X H A U S T I O N ?

C O N F L I CT   and   N U M B N E S S 

A N X I E T Y   and  S A D N E S S ?

D I S C O N E C T   F R O M   T H O S E  YOU L O V E  and  T H E M   F R O M   Y O U ?

I T ‘ S   A L L  S O   O V E R W H E L M I N G . . .


Good news is you’re in the right place.  I’ll get you back on track fast.  On track to survive and thrive!

Welcome!  Well-known around NOVA, I am a straight-forward, clear-talking, solution-focused but still empathetic therapist.  Many who I have treated will say that….

“She’ll tell you what your friends won’t –– and that’s a good thing which results in your time money well spent!  So glad I found a therapist who get’s it and knows that life if not a DRESS REHERSAL as she always says.  It’s real and each day matters….”   

Together with my years training and experience working with singles, couples, families and teens, we’ll kick up the dirt around your camp and see what works and get rid of what doesn’t. We’ll unearth and change habits and patterns that aren’t cutting it — ones that ultimately hold either you, your family/kid relationships, marriage, and/or work relationships back from experiencing a life that feel right and keeps you excited about waking up and jumping into your day!

With over 50+ years of life in the rewarding but challenging D.C. area pressure-cooked rat race, 25 years of my own marriage and parenting experiences, and almost 20 years of counseling training and session work with adults, couples, families, and teens, I know what’s up and how to help you. How to help you help yourself; and how to help you help those you love.

Together we can beat the exhaustion that comes from not knowing how to manage all that has been dumped on your plate. A plate so heavy now that you can’t even lift it to the table, nonetheless eat from it. Eat from it, and live your life with the joy and celebration that you and your loved ones planned so long ago when you started out on this journey.





I AM HERE TO HELP! Much of the counseling approaches used over the past decades are out dated.  Listening, nodding and affirming doesn’t cut it anymore.  By the time you come in my office, you’ve had it, you’re stuck, and need new.  Challenging, teaching, and redirecting and breaking old patterns is what works. I provide data-driven hands-on tools that have impact in session and at home where it counts so you can find success, and give (and GET) the kind of love you want. My mission is to stay current with what going on in today’s career-competitive, consumer-culture and tech-driven world, and to help you join with the truth to:

#adulting 1o1/#romance

  • Figure out how to launch in the adult world, find out who you are and make it feel real and meaningful
  • Navigate the challenge of the digital dating arena (39% meet online these days)– is it real and if so, where does this lead? 
  • Heal from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, perfectionism
  • Know who you are and coming to peace with it within you, your family, and friends: Straight, gay otherwise … loving and living is the plan! 
  • Be married, living together, or just dating: Know what does it mean to find, nurture, and keep love and companionship in this modern age…


  • Cut, carve, and slice and dice a successful career in this competitive town that not only brings home the bacon, but is meaningful and fulfilling. Strategies, support and resources are my game. Helping you maximize to win is the goal!
  • Balance a 2-career driven household family  (72% of U.S. homes are dual income) to be effective in your careers, and stay great parents who are welcomed and supported in that success at home each night by your family; or help often highly-educated successful parents take leave and stay home to raise kids, and feel good about how to balance that shift and do it well 
  • Not live a life of quiet desperation. In the midst of the all above welcomed gifts but challenging pressures, stay connected with your neighbor, be a good citizen, fulfill your creative extracurricular goals, and keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy — and yet still carve time out for yourself on your own or with your partner

#divorce/#trauma/#chronic illness/#deathandloss

  • Divorce is not something I like, but I believe in it. Couples need to try hard to make it work but when they can’t, they have a responsibility to end it right. This means if it must happen, to close it with respect and forgivevness. Noone starts off a marriage intending to hurt the other. I provide clear guidance and support to families who are struggling facing this challenge: How to part ways with each other ideally with accountability, gifting, healing, closure, and well-wishes. How to support children to move forward with love and access to both parents without guilt, shame, or manipulation. How close out or continue in a heathy way with extended families who often remain in our circles when children are involved.
  • Kings and queens on down don’t live forever.  Learning heal and live with loss is part of life.
  • truma/chronic illness

#teens#extended family

  • Help couples and individual parents transition into the life of babies and parenthood (or deal with the chaos of it all if you’re already there!)
  • Stay connected and loving with your growing kids as they become teens, but still set and stick to healthy boundaries to hold back the school, social, and online tech world that brings it all right into your home (95% of today’s teens have a cell phone). What does it mean to negotiate and coach that safely with them …
  • Help you and the happy family you grew up in stay connected. Or to heal and break the damage cycle from the wounds of the ones that weren’t. And to grieve that loss and move on in a healthy way …

Direct, efficient, caring but hard-charging therapy that means get out of the way. Make your happy best life not on-hold anymore!





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