• “She’ll Tell You What Your Friends Won’t…And That’s A Good Thing!”

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Welcome: Free Intro-Consultation

I’ll get you back on track fast. On track to survive and thrive!

Good news is you're in the right place.

However, 1st an Important Step! In my many years of doing this work, I know that counseling is a professional relationship where if we don't "click," it doesn't work. It matters to connect and be sure. Having a chance to see if that's there means a lot.

That's why I offer a free 15-30 minute Intro-Consultation. You can tell me what has you stuck. I can assess whether my skill base is right for your issue and answer any questions you have about my counseling process. Feeling safe and informed before you begin counseling is important. Only then can you best determine whether working together makes good sense. If yes, then we will schedule a time to meet and begin. Begin to get you back on track fast. On track to survive and thrive!

"She’ll tell you what your friends won’t... and that’s a good thing which results in your time and money well-spent. So glad I found a therapist who 'get's it'.  As she always tells me..."

"Your life is not a dress rehersal. It's real and each day matters!"

Well-known around NOVA, I am a clear-talking, solution-focused but still empathetic therapist. TOGETHER with my nearly 20+ years of training and experience using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Relational Life Therapy (RLT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS)/Gottman Theory approaches in my work with singles, couples, families and teens --- we'll kick up the dirt around your camp and see what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

Together we'll help you find your best self.  Help you unearth and change habits and patterns that aren’t cutting it --- ones that ultimately hold either you, your family/child relationships, marriage, parents, and/or work relationships back from experiencing a life that feels right and keeps you excited about waking up and jumping into your day!

[Important Note: Please be advised that the Initial Consultation is not an official psychotherapy or counseling session per HIPPA Regulations. Diagnostic assessment, guidance, or counseling treatment will not be part of this discussion.]

...... it can all be just so overwhelming

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I AM HERE TO HELP!  Many of the counseling approaches used over the past decades are out-dated.  Only listening, nodding, and affirming doesn’t cut it anymore. By the time you come into my office you’ve had it --- you’re stuck and need new!  Self-reflective redirecting to help YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES identify and break old dysfunctional patterns is what works. I use effective data driven hands on psycho-educational tools that have impact not only in session, but more importantly back at home where it really counts.

Counts so you can find success. Success so you can give (and GET) the kind of peace and love that you want and deserve! My professional mission over my many years of training and working with lots of the awesome people whom I have met and helped is to stay connected. To stay connected and current with what's going on in today’s family-focused, but career-competitive, consumer-culture and tech-driven world. To help you, your family, and loved ones Join with the Truth to....

| Adulting 1o1/Identity/Romance/Pre-Marital Prep |
  • Figure out how to launch and thrive in the adult world. Find out who you are and make it feel real and meaningful.
  • Navigate the challenge of the digital dating arena (39% meet online these days) --- is it real and if so, where does this lead?
  • Heal from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, perfectionism.
  • Know who you are and come to peace with it within you, your family, and friends: Straight, gay, or otherwise … loving and living is the plan!
  • Be married, living together, or just dating (32+% access counseling in U.S. CDC, 2015). Know what does it mean to find, nurture, and keep love and companionship in this modern age.
| Marriage Enrichment/Careers/Family/Parenting |
  • Relationships can be challenging. Ups and downs are normal. But when conflict and devitilization takes over, getting help to stay together matters. As a Relational Life Therapy (RLT) trained marriage counselor, reality checks about what each of you need and don't need, balance of power analyses, and accountability management are among key factors that we will look at together. Clear guidance on what works and what doesn't, is what you'll get in here!
  • Cut, carve, slice, and dice in this competitive town to not only bring home the bacon, but be able to enjoy it with your family, kids, and romantic partner. To make it all worth it. To feel that it's meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Balance a two-career driven household (72% of U.S. homes are dual income, Census 2019) and feel like you've still got it and are loving it when you get home at night. Or help often highly-educated successful parents take leave and stay home to raise kids (29% are staying home - that number is up 6% from 1999, Pew Research, 2018) and feel good about how to balance that shift and do it well.
  • Help couples and individual parents transition into the awesome but often chaotic life of babies and parenthood (average 1st baby age 21.4 years old in 1970 to 26.6 in 2016, CDC 2014).
  • Not live a life of "quiet desperation." In the midst of the all above welcomed gifts but challenging pressures, stay connected with your neighbor, be a good citizen, fulfil your creative extracurricular goals, keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy — and yet still carve time out for yourself on your own or with your partner.
| Divorced/Blended-Families |
  • None likes divorce. So couples need to try hard to make it work. But, if after sincere effort is given and it must happen, my work is to support couples and families to do it right.
  • Ideally to close it with mutual understanding, respect, and forgiveness, especially when there are children involved.
  • How to support these children to move forward with love and access to both parents without guilt, shame, or manipulation.
  • Blending families with children (16% U.S., Pew 2019) of all ages and backgrounds can bring lots of joy but also lots of challenge. Differing parenting styles, new logistic matrixes, and the shifting schedules of two homes can be complicated and stressful.  However, a successful blended family can be redemptive, breaking the cycle for the next generations to come.
  • How to "close-out" or continue in a new heathy way with extended families who often remain in your circle when children are involved.
| Trauma/Chronic-Illness/Death-and-Loss |
  • Accidents and illness are never planned and coping with it for ourselves, families, children, and loved ones can be extrodinarily exhausting (6 out of 10 in U.S. live with at least 1 chronic disease such as heart disease and stroke, cancer, or diabetes, CDC 2019).
  • Helping you to have faith and courage in this tough time of trauma is what matters. Keeping focused and effective in decision-making, planning, and protecting you and your loved ones during this trial is vital.
  • Kings and queens on down sadly don’t live forever. Learning to heal and live with loss is part of life. Helping you to learn how to "healthy-grieve" and ultimately move on with joy, acceptance, and peace is important.
| Teens/Extended-Family |
  • Stay connected and loving with your growing kids as they become teens. But still set and stick to healthy boundaries to hold back the school, social, and online tech world that brings it all right into your home (95% of today’s teens have a cell phone. Up from 34% in 2012. Common Sense Media, 2020).
  • What does it mean to negotiate and coach that safely with them? Safely but letting them learn and explore and love being ... a kid!
  • Help you and the happy family unit you grew up in stay connected. Or to heal and break the damage cycle from the wounds of the ones that weren’t. And to grieve that loss and move on in a healthy peaceful way.


"Watch out world ... I'm going to make my happy best life not on-hold anymore!"