Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill?

Are you stuck in the same argument loop every night?

Do  you wonder if other relationships have something you don’t?

Do you desire more romantic intimacy?

Getting a “blue-print” for how to successfully enrich your romantic relationship is what I give you. My work with so many struggling couples over the years has again and again revealed to me that “how-to” KNOWLEDGE and ACCOUNTABILITY matters.

The most well-meaning couples be they straight, gay, mutli-ethnic, multi-aged or otherwise too often get accidentally stuck. And like building a Lego set, unless you have the directions you’re just guessing. And guessing comes with serious risks of time wasted. And with romantic relationships, not only time wasted but often unintended hurtful injury caused when in the end of all that well-meant effort, it just doesn’t work.

Using an evidence-based approach, I fold in talk therapy with clear interactive psycho-educational visual tools. Tools developed from my own research and from the dynamic field of Relational Life Therapy (RLT) to help you get the happy relationship you both deserve.

You will leave your session with charts and exercise outcomes that will resonate. Resonate and wholly change how you and your partner confidently grow back and sustain real friendship, romantic love, and sexual intimacy. Mature, stable, responsible, accountability that lasts your lifetime.

| Marriage Enrichment/Careers/Family/Parenting |
  • Relationships can be challenging. Ups and downs are normal. But when conflict and devitilization takes over, getting help to stay together matters. As a Relational Life Therapy (RLT) trained marriage counselor, reality checks about what each of you need and don’t need, balance of power analyses, and accountability management are among key factors that we will look at together. Clear guidance on what works and what doesn’t, is what you’ll get in here!
  • Cut, carve, slice, and dice in this competitive town to not only bring home the bacon, but be able to enjoy it with your family, kids, and romantic partner. To make it all worth it. To feel that it’s meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Balance a two-career driven household (72% of U.S. homes are dual income, Census 2019) and feel like you’ve still got it and are loving it when you get home at night. Or help often highly-educated successful parents take leave and stay home to raise kids (29% are staying home – that number is up 6% from 1999, Pew Research, 2018) and feel good about how to balance that shift and do it well.
  • Help couples and individual parents transition into the awesome but often chaotic life of babies and parenthood (average 1st baby age 21.4 years old in 1970 to 26.6 in 2016, CDC 2014).
  • Not live a life of “quiet desperation.” In the midst of the all above welcomed gifts but challenging pressures, stay connected with your neighbor, be a good citizen, fulfil your creative extracurricular goals, keep your body, mind, and spirit healthy — and yet still carve time out for yourself on your own or with your partner.
| Divorced/Blended-Families |
  • No one likes divorce. So couples need to try hard to make it work. But, if after sincere effort is given and it must happen, my work is to support couples and families to do it right.
  • Ideally to close it with mutual understanding, respect, and forgiveness, especially when there are children involved.
  • How to support these children to move forward with love and access to both parents without guilt, shame, or manipulation.
  • Blending families with children of all ages and backgrounds can bring lots of joy but also lots of challenge (16%  U.S. Families Blended, Pew 2019). Differing parenting styles, new logistic matrixes, and the shifting schedules of two homes can be complicated and stressful. However, a successful blended family can be redemptive, breaking the cycle for the next generations to come.
  • How to “close-out” or continue in a new heathy way with extended families who often remain in your circle when children are involved.


    • Couples seeking to enrich and improve their relationship structure, communication, and conflict skills

    • Couples wanting to increase or rediscover physical intimacy

    • Couples dealing with infidelity/trust issues/divorce

    • Couples balancing demanding work/life schedules

    • Couples exploring the next step (marriage, children, buying a house, etc.)

    • Couples who want help navigating coparenting blended families

    • Couples dealing with trauma or chronic illness of themselves or a love one

“Love Must be Intentional to be Long-Lasting”

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