Residency Clinical Supervision

Residency Clinical Supervision



As a private practice LPC for over 15+ years who entered the field of mental health via the School Counselor track, I am pleased to provide Residency Supervision for Virginia-based School Counselors looking to add Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) on as the next goal!

In order to sit for the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE), LPC Residency in the State of Virginia requires:

  • 3400 total LPC Contact Hours required with students and families.
  • 2,000 of the Contact Hours documented within 3,400 hour Residency must be “face-to-face.”
  • Graduate Internship: 600 Contact Hours of your Internship may be included in the above.  NOTE: Internships in excess of 600 hours can add a maximum of additional 300 (Total max. 900) towards the total Residency if the internship was earned post 30 graduate semester hours.
  • 200 minimum hours of direct Supervision required, occurring at a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours of Supervision per 40 hours of work experience during the period of the Residency.
  • Group Supervision hours are equivalent to individual Supervision hours. Only 1/2 of the 200 required hours (100) may be obtained in Group Supervision.
  • Up to 20 hours of Graduate School Supervision internship may count toward the 200 hours of in-person Supervision if provided by an LPC.
  • Residency must be completed in no less than 21 months and no more than 4 years.


  • STEP 1. Complete the education requirements (60 credit CACREP or otherwise approved curriculum)
  • STEP 2. Apply for a Temporary License as a Resident in Counseling (Registration of Supervision) and receive licensure prior to obtaining Supervised Residency experience in Virginia
  • STEP 3. Complete Supervised Residency experience requirements
  • STEP 4. Renew License as a Resident in Counseling (Annual refile requirement!)
  • STEP 5. Take and pass the NCMHCE examination
  • STEP 6. Apply for LPC Licensure by Examination passed
  • STEP 7. Receive LPC License

Most LPC Counseling Residents take 2.5-3+ years to accrue their Residency hours and only then take and pass the exam. Helping you to pass this difficult exam is part of what quality Supervision is about. Reviewing your cases and learning the application of your graduate studies in the real world is key. The above is a lot of hard work and dedication — but essential steps to successfully prepare for entry into private practice work and do well!


Ongoing feedback and reflection to support your growth and development as a professional in the field of mental health while also simultaneously protecting the welfare of your students and their families as you learn is my Supervision goal. Key competency areas that I will focus on with you in your Residency will include:

1. Interventions / 2. Skills Competency / 3. Assessment Techniques / 4. Client Conceptualization / 5. Individual Differences / 6. Theoretical Orientation / 7. Treatment Goals & Plans / 8. Professional Ethics

  • Case management review and feedback
  • Teaching proper record-keeping techniques
  • Reviewing protocols for documenting critical incidents with students, including emergency student/family/school community situations
  • Addressing issues of diversity, transference issues, legality,  and other potential ethical minefields; modeling open communication
  • Incorporating strategies sensitive to unique needs via experience scaffolding
  • Remaining current on trends, techniques, and strategies to aid in the transition from school-based counseling to a private practice environment
  • Adhering to 2016 ASCA Ethics, DSM-5/ICD-10 diagnostics, and regulations of the Virginia Board of Counseling

(Source ASCA, Adapted from Supervision Toolbox, Bernard and Goodyear (2014/2016)


LPC Individual Resident: 1-hour (60 min.)/week $175;  2-hours (120 min. consecutive)/week $350

LPC Duo Group Resident (2 participant limit): 1-hour (60 min.)/week $200;  2-hours (120 min. consecutive)/week $400*

* Caution: Group supervision hours are equivalent to individual supervision hours. However, only 1/2 of the 200 required hours may be obtained in group supervision.


Supervision is a big commitment for us both. I concurrently take on only 3-4 Residents at one time. Let’s meet to talk about the possibility of our working together as follows:

  1. Use the CONTACT button in the above the right corner to email me your interest and any questions you may have. Please also feel free to call with questions if you prefer!
  2. A Residency Application will be emailed to you to apply for consideration. Resume & Transcript required.
  3. If accepted, meet for an in-person Residency Interview to discuss mutual compatibility, goals, and terms
  4. If offered and accepted, sign Residency Supervision Contract
  5. Schedule and begin!