Pre-Marital Prep Counseling

Pre-Marital Prep Counseling

Did you just get engaged?

Are you a newlywed?

Getting remarried?

Congratulations are in order!!

Taking the time now to invest in your future is the absolute best thing you can do for yourself and your partner so you can set a strong foundation for your marriage. Planning and preparing for an awesome marriage is more than just a great day or weekend ceremony. Getting an educated, research-based set of tools to protect against the clear fact that nearly 50% of all marriages in the U.S., unfortunately, end in divorce. Learning what works and what doesn’t is what I will teach you.

Learning how to communicate, understand, negotiate, and connect “sooner-rather-than-later” will reap positive happy rewards for you both for years to come!

Couples today too often report experiencing relationships around them as they grew up that didn’t last. Taking time to learn about what concretely makes a lifetime relationship work and last is smart.

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  • Figure out how to launch and thrive in the adult world. Find out who you are and make it feel real and meaningful.
  • Navigate the challenge of the digital dating arena (39% meet online these days) — is it real and if so, where does this lead?
  • Heal from unhealthy relationships or difficult breakups, codependency, family dynamics, stress and anxiety, and perfectionism.
  • Know who you are and come to peace with it within you, your family, and friends: Straight, gay, or otherwise … loving and living is the plan!
  • Be married, living together, or just dating (32+% access counseling in U.S. CDC, 2015). Know what it means to find, nurture, and keep love and companionship in this modern age.

Consider this the BEST gift you can give each other for your relationship!